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AKA Character relations + what Naoto has learned so far.

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This is my first time playing Naoto and all, so any questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticisms, etc, are welcome and encouraged! ^^
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Backtagging: Always! :3
Threadhopping: Probably fine, but should ask first.
Fourth walling: Should definitely ask first, since Naoto would be horrified to have her inner self revealed.

Hugging: Welcome to try, but would be awkward and probably not well received if she's not close with you.
Flirting: Probably wouldn't even notice.
Kissing: Almost definitely a very bad idea.

Fighting: Totally welcome to it, though Naoto isn't one to start fights in the brawl sense. And she has a gun.
Injury: Would like it to be discussed first, though probably fine ^^
Death: Definitely an ask first situation xD
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Out of Character Information
Contact: Raiizer - AIM
Current Characters: Shizuo Heiwajima
Do you need a Dreamwidth Invite? Nope!

In-Character Information
Naoto Shirogane
Series: Persona 4, OU
Canon-Point: When the first murder in Inaba occurred and she was called in to investigate.

History: Naoto comes from a line of famous detectives. She has always admired the strong, clever detectives in detective novels. Both of her parents died in a car crash during an investigation while she was young, and so she went to live with her grandfather. As a child, she preferred games and toys that were 'for boys.'

Feeling pressure from her working environment where the men tend to be sexist against women, Naoto began dressing as a male and speaking in a deeper voice, even going as far as to bind her chest. At the moment, Naoto believes that she wants to become a man. However, later on in the canon she realizes that what she really wanted to do was find her true self.

Personality: Naoto acts very mature and speaks formally, despite her young age. She's generally very polite, though can be blunt as well and is not afraid to call someone an imbecile if they're acting like one. She is extremely intelligent, brave, and observant. She is a workaholic, easily becoming obsessed with a particularly difficult case. All in all, her public persona is one of a smooth, hard-boiled detective.

Despite her cool exterior, however, Naoto is rather insecure. Not only does she want to become a man because she feels that she can't achieve her dream of becoming a great detective by being a female, she also resents being treated as a child by her colleagues. She is serious about her job, and does not appreciate being condescended because of her age. Her short height doesn't help either. She wants so badly to be the perfect detective that she clamps down on her emotions and scorns things she deems childish, despite some of her own likes being 'childish.' Naoto loves making gadgets, super heroes, science fiction, solving mysteries and puzzles, and of course, reading detective novels. She likes to be in control of things and can get flustered in situations where she has little or no control. Because she didn't spend much time socializing when she was young, she has a hard time understanding other's emotions, which led to her becoming very lonely.

Powers: None. She's very intelligent and logical, can use a gun, and is good at building and modifying gadgets, but has no actual powers at this point in canon.
Starter Pokemon: Ralts. I think this would be interesting considering how Ralts is the 'Feeling Pokemon,' and it can either evolve into a feminine looking Pokemon or a more male looking one, by human standards.

Writing Samples
(Naoto's gender is a bit complicated, so I will be referring to her as a male to reduce confusion and because she identifies more as male than female at the moment, though that may change later on.)

First-Person Sample:

...Hello? Is anyone receiving this? I require information. I... am not supposed to be here. I was on the train to Inaba, and when I stepped off... This is not Inaba.

Third-Person Sample:

Naoto blinked in surprise as he stepped off of the train to Inaba, only to find himself in a secluded, grassy, wooded area with no train station in sight. He immediately turned back around, only to find that the train had disappeared as well.

“What...  is this? “

A hallucination? He doubted it. It would have to be a complete multiple sensory hallucination. He wasn’t tired, didn’t have a predisposition toward having hallucinations, and had not experienced any sensory deprivation prior to stepping off of the train. A hallucination was almost definitely not the cause.

Naoto glanced down at his wrist, noticing a strange new device resembling a watch on it. He pressed the button on the side of the watch, and a screen slid out with a menu of sorts on it, with options such as ‘video’ and ‘voice.’ What had appeared to be a watch was in actuality a communicator. But for what?

He didn’t like this. It was like a paranormal event. Unfortunately, Naoto didn’t believe in such things. He pressed the button on the communicator again, making the menu screen slide back in. It did occur to him that he could try to contact someone with it, his grandfather perhaps, but then what kind of detective would he be? He would much rather investigate himself.


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