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Detective Prince Naoto Shirogane ([personal profile] naotoshirogane) wrote2020-01-27 09:08 pm
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How's My Driving?

This is my first time playing Naoto and all, so any questions, comments, concerns, constructive criticisms, etc, are welcome and encouraged! ^^
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Argh I forgot to reply to your PM, and then I couldn't though PM, so here it is!

Anyhow, working with the Pokemon League to investigate will be a bit hard. To even get in on the investigation, it requires badges - they're a whole trust thing, y'know? So, I'm going to have to say - when he's got three badges, he'll be able to work with the police. Or, you know, if he helps during some plots coming up [July and September], as a good guy.

So yeah, it'll take work. If he does go to the police, he'll hear the same thing.

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Once again, can't PM you back - but approved for the first badge! (Is there any way you can fix those settings?)