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Investigation Notes

AKA Character relations + what Naoto has learned so far.

♦ Good impression ♦ Friend ♦ Extremely close
♦ Neutral ♦ Interesting ♦ Conflicted
♦ Bad impression ♦ Enemy ♦ Worst of the worst

[personal profile] brightvesperia
Estellise Sidos Heurassein

A kind girl who told Naoto much about the Pokemon world.

[personal profile] withmyfluffbat

A strange girl who got extremely excited over seeing Naoto's Ralts. She impressed Naoto a bit when she wanted to 'exchange information.' Later on Naoto wandered into her dreamscape, a strange, desolate city.

[personal profile] noplaidshirt
Paprika Leona Montgomery

Seems like a typical teenaged girl. Not the most intelligent person around, though. She is a screenplay writer. In her world, Pokemon is an old TV show. She wandered into Naoto's dream, and since Paprika was convinced it was a horror movie of some sort, that's what it became.

[personal profile] puppypaws
Otogi Ryuuji

A mute. He told Naoto more about the Pokemon world, and helped her get out of the Entralink. The two then met at Route 2, where Otogi helped Naoto level up Watson and catch a Poochyena. He saved her from falling into an abyss in his dream world, which both surprised and touched Naoto.
 [personal profile] extremelucidity 
Madotsuki Hayashi

A nervous little girl who appeared in Unova around the same time Naoto did. Naoto informed her about the Pokemon world. She has a Pokemon that resembles a 'little fox.'
  [personal profile] the_nth_power 
N Harmonica

Apparently very intelligent and 'kind of' from this world, according to Paprika. Naoto questioned him on the worlds new arrivals came from, and found that time is either still or moving very slowly back in Inaba. N had a friend from his home world who arrived several weeks ago and who acted like no time had passed, though N himself had been in Unova for five months.
[personal profile] trainerhomu 
Homura Akemi
[personal profile] trainerhomu 
A tenacious girl who wandered into Naoto's dream. Her Eevee became a Pokemon, and can speak telepathically. He seems to have sensed Naoto's secret. Homura has put together the pieces and figured it out as well. Naoto will avoid them as necessary. Luckily, Homura is likely to keep it to herself.
Gotta add Hal dawg.

Naoto's Investigation Notes:

After an event at the Entralink that caused it to malfunction, people began being pulled from other worlds into this one. An old man resides in the Entralink, handing out bags of supplies to new arrivals. Allegedly, he told Paprika that time is frozen in the worlds the arrivals came from. N confirmed this with his own experience of a friend's arrival. No one knows what caused the malfunction, and it is currently being investigated. There are teleport pads in the Entralink leading to Nuvema Town, where there is a Pokemon professor, and Nimbasa City, where the Pokemon are much stronger.

This is a region called Unova. It revolves around Pokemon, animal-like creatures with specific types and abilities that can be caught in Pokeballs. Pokemon can evolve to become stronger, and Porygon can be hacked because they are made of data. Ralts are quite rare here. People teach their Pokemon to battle, which comes into play in gyms. Defeating a gym leader gives one the reward of a badge. If one gets 8 badges, they will be able to challenge the Pokemon League/Elite Four and then the Champion. The Pokemon League is the highest authority in Unova. They regulate trainers with rules and standards and aid in bouts of serious criminal activity. However, they are not taking any challengers at the moment. Pokemon are used in almost every occupation, however.

There is a library in Nacrene City. Otogi has spotted something odd on Route 2 which has turned out to be a strange pink Pokemon. There are 17 types of Pokemon, and each has its weaknesses and strengths.

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